Frosty Friday

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Beer Name: Einstok Olgerd - Icelandic White Ale

Dan: Good stuff, mellow taste, I like it. Plus the packaging looks great.
Hill: Like pillaging an innocent, defenseless village, I charged at this beer with no regard to personal safety or life. I won.
Brandon: Awesome design and great taste!
Damasso: ....
Dustin: Out of office, but SICK packaging.
Raul: Minimalist is the way to go. Only thing was the bottle neck tag having the same logo as the bottom graphic, should have been a different graphic but whatevs.
Myles: This one was surprisingly good. I don’t know if it’s the dope packaging that sold me on it, but definitely a good one!
Davy: Cool logo and packaging, the taste is not bad.

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