Frosty Friday

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Beer Name: Saint Archer x Girl Hoppy Pilsner

Dan: The collaboration between Girl + Saint Archer is great, they need more of this cross branding in the beer world.
Beer on the other hand is just ok.
Hill: Out of office.
Brandon: ...
Damasso: C’mon son! Give me some real beer!
Dustin: The beer is ehh, but damn that can is FIRE! Go buy 12 six packs for Mike Carroll
Raul: The inclusion of the GIRL logo into the design was a nice touch. Does it look like regular ST. Archer? It sure does. Would I drink it? You bet I won’t :D.
Myles: Fan of the packaging and collar with Girl, not a fan of the taste.
Davy: ...

News_image 002419 Girlsaintarcher.jpg

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