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Beer Name: Red Tail Ale by Mendocino Brewing Co.

Dan: Out of office.
Hill: 1st off, eagles and hawks are cool. This beer had some kind of weird metallic(a) aftertaste but the buzz was decent. I recommend drinking this beer before a heavy metal concert.
Brandon: Not a fan, this stuff was like drinkin’ rocks.
Damasso: Just takes a little getting used to. But it grows on you! Not Bad.
Dustin: Weird taste + bad design = never again.
Raul: Very natureesque feel to the packaging. Not a bad thing, but starting to look like the competition on the beer isle. Besdies that, cant complain on anything else besides the lack of unicorns but its coo. Beer lightning round review (cue special effect noises) - 3/5 BAM!
Myles: Red Tail ale has a sharp twangy tale, a bitter and dark bold taste. Once you throw back this rich six pack, you won't let it go to waste.

Frosty Fridays

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