Frosty Fridays

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Beer Name: Shiner Bock by Spoetzl Brewery

Dan: MMMM good, I liked this, will have to try some other Shiner brews, almost tasted like bud light can’t go wrong.
Hill: Out of Office.
Brandon: Pretty tasty, nice lookin box.
Damasso: Out of Office.
Dustin: For sure the best packaging design in the game. Its to bad the taste was mediocre.
Raul: Possibly one of the best designed packages we have come across at the office. Just flows good.
Myles: Shiner Bock wasn’t too bad, might pick it up again. Definitely another Bud Light tasting beer.
Davy: The photo look good with the pack in same tone as the background. Taste like Valstar, Cheety beer from France.

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