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Beer Name: Sierra Nevada SummerFest by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Dan: Tasted like summer, mmmmm good.
Hill: After drinking Summerfest by Sierra Nevada, I now know what it’s like to be at a Summer Festival up in the Sierras in the state of Nevada. It’s gooooood…
Brandon: ....
Damasso: Out of Office.
Dustin: Summer is finally here, & this is the perfect beer for BBQ'n! 
Raul: That’s a pretty f’ing amazing illustration if you ask me. The whole label just speaks beer to me. Overall, it doesn’t make me want to get over the fact that I hate beer, so yeah. Cheers :D
Myles: Beer was pretty refreshing, definitely good for summer when you’re out at the beach BBQing
John: Crisp Summer Lager indeed! My kinda beer. Not too watery, not too hoppy, easy to drink. Perfect summer beer. Baldilocks likey.

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