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Frosty Fridays

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Ballast Point Victory at Sea - Porter w/ Coffee and Vanilla

Dan: Don’t mix beer and Coffee, bad idea. Didn’t even finish it, nasty.
Hill: :( I didn’t get to try this one.
Brandon: A little weird but I didn’t really mind. Cool label.
Damasso: This beer was everything but “victory”.
Dustin: Horrendus...Stick to Scuplin.
Raul: Has been thru this office in a different flavour, nothing super special here. Nice graphics and design.
Myles: I had hopes for this one, but unfortunately the taste was nowhere near as good as the packaging :/
Davy: Very Nice packaging, the beer was undrinkable; coffee inside inside beer is definitely a bad idea!

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Red Bull Triple Set

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Frosty Fridays

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Palm Speciale Belge Ale

Dan: Had it before, it’s good, light.
Hill: Give it here, buddy. High five for this beer. Palm is good beer.
Brandon: Not bad, pretty smooth.
Damasso: Some GOOD Beer! Not too strong or light... Just right!
Dustin: Palm Ave Represent!!! Braaaaaaaap
Raul: Im not a beer enthusiast so forgive my ignorance. This brew looks like it would be imported from the south. Slight generic feel, cool box doe.
Myles: Another good choice, nice taste, crisp and refreshing!
Davy: ....

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Red Bull Triple Set 2014

If your in San Diego this weekend cruise over to the North Park Theatre to catch some bangers!

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