Workspace Wednesday

Designer: Damasso Sanchez

Workspace Description: You mad bruh? Is it cus you don't have a workstation like this?


1) Tripple Extra HD/LCD Dual Monitors, 2 of them! Recommended for up-and-coming artists.
2) The "Almighty" Mac Pro towers above all. What do you know about them Illustrator Shortcuts tho?!
3) The iPhone 5 with the "ain't-even-out-yet" iOS7. It makes killing time radically enjoyable.
4) Here at SoupGraphix, we use the Intuos 4 WACOM tablet to bring illustrations to life! It's also great for soaking up elbow grease.
5) Beats by Dre!!! It's like being at the club, minus the long lines and overpriced drinks. Club SOUP!
6) The State-of-the-art, Multi-purpose mouse pad in full effect!
7) I try to keep things that inspire me.. Can't go wrong with a few Rat Fink collectibles. Them things are RARE son!
8) The Tool box. A box full of pens and pencils is a must. Never use the same pencil twice!

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