Workspace Wednesday

Designer: Dustin Noden

Workspace Description: Best workspace in the game. Check out those custom monitor stands!


1) iMac 27 inch with 27 inch display is a must if you are working more then 2 hours a day.
2) Instagram is kinda addicting. Follow us at
3) Bose noise cancelling headphones. Best headphones ever! Forget about Beats by Dre or Skullcandy.
4) Wacom Intuous 4. I don't use this as much as the illustrators but it comes in handy.
5) Old school mouse is where its at! Wireless and bluetooth are not my style.
6) Plan B catalogs for days. We miss you P.Rod.
7) Windows at your desk are awesome. I have a lovely view of downtown La Mesa.
8) Hypetrak is the best website of all time! Cant wait for the new Danny Brown.

News_image 001782 Workstationwedsdustin.jpgNews_image 001781 Workspace2.jpg

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