Workspace Wednesday

Designer: Raul Sigala

Workspace DescriptionMy workplace is a second home, so I try and keep it as identical as I would at mi casa. I got 99 problems but designing aint one.


1) iMac 27" 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 (8GB Ram) with accompanying 27" Thunderbolt display. If you don't have this setup (or anything larger than a 13" monitor, I suggest upgrading "YESTERDAY"!
2) Macbook Pro 15". When 2 screens aren't enough. Awesome laptop, great for on the go design and a powerful tool for anything else.
3) iPhone 5 (black) 16GB. I don't know what I would do without it :,D, instagram isn't going to post food pics by itself will it? Of course people expect facebook statuses of my interesting day, a no brainer.
4) Seagate Slim Portable Drive 500GB. Always great to have external storage (my crappy laptop only came with 320GB). Gotta have a place to store all my movies eh.
5) Wacom Intuous 4 Large. Rarely gets any action around these parts but definitely a life saver when your crappy mouse cant get the job done.
6) Back To the Futire Part II. Seriously if you haven't seen this movie, go back in time and kick your ass. Hands down the best movies ever, and yeah, there's 3 of them!! Why are are you still reading this? GO WATCH IT!
7) Germ-X Hand Sanitizer. Things don't always get messy at the work station, but when it does, I use Germ-x. Stay bacteria-free my friends.
8) Everyone here seems to hate the Mighty Mouse, I on the other hand find it quite nice. Because using the stylus is too mainstream bro. #mustbeatrend #doyoueventrendbro
9) Always great practice to sketch out my ideas before transferring them to the computer. #doyouevensketchbro #enoughwiththehashtags

10) Stock iphone headphones. They aren't the best, but I like em. 

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