Comic Con 2011

Soup makes another interesting trip to Comic Con 2011. Take a look.

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GI Joe Convention 2011

Joe Con 2011

Hasbro asked us to create the logo and icon for the GI Joe Convention for 2011. It was held at the Walt Disney Dolphin Resort, Florida on March 31 - April 3, 2011. The bottom two graphics were staff t-shirt designs.

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Comic Con 2010

Comicon 2010 is back and we decided to make another visit. It's crazy how this tradeshow cannot ever get old. You walk from one booth to another and inbetween that 2 foot walk you are hit with a hundred different cool visuals. On top of that, everything is the best of the best. Amazing art and a good time in general. Visual overload. Just make sure you don't get your eye poked out in the process. ;)

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Sgt. Slaughter?!? Hell ya!

No wonder why Cobra always lost

No wonder why Cobra always lost

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Soup Xmas Party 2009

Wow.. It's amazing what can be accomplish in a year. Seems like such a long road to travel in the beginning but in the blink of an eye, you reflect back and realize how far you have gone. Those roads are what determine who you are. We hope this year your road was travelled lightly enough to guide you in the right direction but still rutted enough to make the journey interesting.


We here at Soup, want to thank all our family, friends and clients. Your directions have help us make it to another intersection, in which we get to decide yet another new path.

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New Soup Website

SoupGraphix welcomes you to our newly designed website. We've been staying busy with all kinds of new projects including helmet and golf bag designs. We're venturing into new and exciting territories of design, while continuing our steady flow of cutting edge website and print design.
In addition to our new design work, we are now offering our SoupGraphix gear online, including shirts, posters, skate decks and more. Get them while you can!

We'll be updating the site on a monthly basis. Thanks for visiting!

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