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Keep an eye out for the new Soup ride!

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Trunk Junk Interview

We recently were asked to create cover artwork for an Austrailian Action Sports magazine. We answered a Q&A on the present, past and future of SoupGraphix. They also showed a handful of our board graphics.


Check out Trunk Junk Quarterly's Website:


If you would like to read the interview, download the .pdf (15megs) - Click Here -

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Tony Hawk HD

Tony Hawk's New Game Featuring SoupGraphix Skateboard Design

Check out this trailer for Tony Hawk's new video game featuring SoupGraphix's deck design graphic.

Click Here to See it Action

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Comic Con 2011

Soup makes another interesting trip to Comic Con 2011. Take a look.

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GI Joe Convention 2011

Joe Con 2011

Hasbro asked us to create the logo and icon for the GI Joe Convention for 2011. It was held at the Walt Disney Dolphin Resort, Florida on March 31 - April 3, 2011. The bottom two graphics were staff t-shirt designs.

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