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Client Meetings: Tony Hawk Inc.

Always busy meeting with our clients, here is a look at Tony Hawks headquarters.

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Tribute to Paul Walker

We were sad to hear of Paul Walker's passing over the holiday weekend. We were lucky to meet Paul back in 2006 when he approached us on a new project he was starting. We wanted to share a little of what we did for him back then.

For a short time he wanted to start a clothing company called "Vagrant". His explanation to us was that he came from nothing and was lucky enough to find success in acting and movies. His true passion was to surf and to live out of the back of his van. This clothing line was his way of sharing a little of who he was.

We never got the feeling that he was pompous or had a chip on his shoulder. He was humble and seemed to be a "regular guy". Godspeed.

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Client Meetings: Mattel Inc.

I bet you cant wait to see what we are brewing up!

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Nike Client Meeting

Soup heads up to Beaverton, Oregon to take a tour of Nike world headquarters and give a presentation.

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