Entertainment - Style Guides Style Guides Setting the standards for the look and feel of a brand is a crucial marketing tool. Combining illustration, branding, icons, page layout, packaging and typography, our Style Guides create the “bible” you need to build your brand.
Entertainment - Branding Branding Branding is the process in which we shape your reputation and the expectations people have of you. It is how you communicate your unique value and contribution to the lives of others. We create a strategically formulated message that speaks about your passions and helps you develop a relationship with your audience.
Entertainment - Icons Icons Icons can provide an entire description, thought, idea or manifesto into a well developed symbol. It is for this reason that we pour countless hours of strategy and research into designing the perfect icon for our clients.
Entertainment - Illustration Illustration One of our most powerful forms of visual communication that keeps our clients coming back for more, is our second-to-none illustrative style. Our ability to create visual matter that explains our clients’ story, is what sets us apart from the rest.
Entertainment - Packaging Packaging Giving products a great shelf presence is extremely important for a brand’s success. We create innovative styles of package design that brings attention to your product, and helps ensure that your customers are proud of what they are buying.
Entertainment - Print Print From magazine ads to catalogs and brochures, our unique style of print design sets the bar high for how your brand should be represented when consumers are viewing your product.
Entertainment - Product Product Here at Soup, we pride ourselves on providing the most dynamic and visually stimulating artwork that is shown on your product. Utilizing illustration, graphics, patterns and logos, we make sure it’ll fly off the shelf faster than you can put it there.